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PRICES for 2024

At Cols Car Boot Sale, we offer competitive pricing options for sellers and parking:

1. **Car Sellers:** Secure a selling space for just 9 per car, making it an affordable choice for individual sellers.

2. **Car and Trailer:** If you require extra room for your items, you can opt for a car and trailer space for 12, accommodating larger loads.

3. **Small Vans:** Small van owners can reserve a space for 12, offering flexibility for those with more significant inventory.

4. **Large Vans:** For those with substantial items to sell, we provide spaces for large vans at a rate of 15.

5. **Parking for Buyers:** Buyers can park their vehicles on our car park for a nominal fee of 1, ensuring convenient access to our marketplace.

6. **Opening Hours:** We open our doors at the early hour of 5 am, allowing you to start your day of selling or shopping bright and early.

7. **No Booking Required:** There's no need to pre-book a selling or parking position. We operate on a convenient "just turn up" system, making it hassle-free for both sellers and buyers.

Cols Car Boot Sale aims to offer flexible and affordable pricing options to accommodate a wide range of sellers and buyers. Join us this weekend and experience the ease and accessibility of our pricing structure!



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